Coming weekend is FeltUnited weekend and also 24 hour comics weekend, both all over the world.  In Vlissingen you can visit Kipvis where artists participate in the 24 hour comics event.

In Veere it is the last weekend people can see the Matriarch in full glory.  (The busy season is over and the GKV is now only open in the weekends.)

Next weekend we will take down the piece and I am looking forward to it. The lowering I find a bit scary but the climber and other guys just smiled and shook their heads when I told them.

So, taking down it is.. well.. not yet.



A couple of years ago, Caroline Schofield asked me if I would, ‘one day’ be interested in a collaboration project with her. We had seen each others work online but still, her question came somewhat out of the blue.

I like these kind of questions and we started a process of getting to know each other, started thinking and taking careful steps in testing materials the couple of times I was able to go to Ireland or she was able to come to the Netherlands.

During this collaboration we worked and talked inside and outside of the GKV. Before and after work we cycled through this part of the world, and I showed her how dominant the GKV is in this area, the old roads, the people. We talked about understanding where you are, the importance of knowing a bit of the history of a space where you work as an artist.

From this working and learning period we left our piece, ‘Line’, quite literally, ‘in the building’. Two sides of a story, similarities, time and history.

filled red-2

filled red



filled red-7 filled red-5




One of the things Caroline and I talked about the things we wanted to do during this art collaboration was learning more about working with sand.

We have 4 bags with different types of sand and a silent beach full of the stuff to experiment with. It is easy to spend hours looking at how beautiful the sand grains fall, how wind moves it, how the light reflects on it or how the water levels it out.

Sand2 Sand2-4 Sand2


beach-3 beach

‘I see you.’

‘I see you..’

Today, Caroline Schofield and I went to the GKV to see the space and the work already up. We looked at walls and floors, saw the building, structure and saw more.

9 of the many photos Jane Green and I made during the photo-shoots got their place on some walls of the GKV. The result and how these 9 photos interact with this big monumental space, and the pieces already there, is absolutely fascinating.

In coming weeks I will sometimes add photos to those walls, take some away, hang others,  place them differently. An ongoing process to let the photos do what they are good at.


Caroline Schofield.

Caroline Schofield from July 18th on.

Caroline Schofields’ cultural identity surfaces in her work reflecting childhood obsession with making and repetition. Growing up as an outsider influences her practice and her interest in people and history. She likes to explore memory and its fragility in her work using drawing, stitch, pinning, sculpture and shadows to create her pieces.

She looks for the other side of the drawing, the other side and mark of what is an object as she works to understand the thought and reason behind people’s actions.

In her recent work she explores Irish families who survived the famine of 1845/46. Due to the foresight of those women who introduced lace into their communities, setting up a means of making money by creating beautiful lace work in very poor conditions. The ravens in her work tell the story of mediator between life and death after her study of the mythology of the Norse God Odin who had two ravens, Huginn and Muninn.

Caroline and I have previously worked together in both Ireland and the Netherlands. We will be working on history and shape with a variety of materials during this collaboration period in the GKV which will begin on the 18th of July with looking at the building taking a close look at the walls and floors, talking and coffee.


Caroline Schofield ????????????????????????????? SONY DSC

Spanish girl gone home.

The collaboration period with Jane Green was, as expected, quite different than the one with Katrijn Schatteman. This time we had short bursts of deep concentration and focus and hours of talking, walking and drinking coffee.

As you might know, we put out a call for a photo-shoot some time ago, and we worked on different ideas on those shoots. Some of the approved photos will end up on-line, starting today (!) , and some on-paper, they will become a part of the physical Confluence exhibit, aka, they will end up a wall at the GKV.

Selena4 Yamina M&E3 Mirjam-18 Bianca3


We had two days of shooting with the first people who replied to the call, ..well and a German tourist with a good pair of eyes, contagious smile and impressive beard. These days are all about focus and laughing, thinking and talking, concentrating and seeing.  (..and guys you know this is a historical building right? ;))


day 2-8 1






Jane Green (Esp.)

Jane Green arrived this weekend for the 2nd collaboration period within the ‘walls’ of the Confluence exhibit. Very flexible, see through, breathe through, walk through walls..

Green was given her first camera at age eight and spent whole afternoons shooting white fluffy clouds.

Green grew up in a family where art and creativity were appreciated and instilled in her from an early age. She was always encouraged to read, to discover, and to express herself in her own way. In her late twenties she moved from the US to the north of Spain. It was there that she started to take the art of photography more seriously. Traveling around Europe and the world afforded her with endless opportunities to work.

Jane Green shoots the in- between moments that are usually lost in the rush.

The work Jane and Elis will be doing together will become part of the Confluence exhibit after development on-line and on-paper.

copyright sign.Jane Green.




jane1 jane2




The first collaboration period is over, the sculpture finished and Zuz has packed her tools and went home to Belgium. If you want to see the impressive sculpture she left behind? ‘Valdimar’ will stay in the GKV till the end of the Confluence exhibit in October.     Valdimar by Zuz. untitled-8



Last day with Zuz!

Zuz’ her work is finishing fast, if you are eager to meet or talk to her in the GKV, tomorrow is your last chance.. well, for now that is. She will be there until 3 pm.

After that you can ofcourse admire her work which will be exhibited in the GKV until the end of October!

Zuz’ haar werk in de GKV gaat rap. als u haar nog wil ontmoeten of zien werken, morgen is uw laatste kans.. ze zal tot ongeveer 3 uur in de GKV zijn, nou ja.. voor nu dan toch.
Daarna is alleen haar werk nog te bewonderen, maar dat hangt er dan wel weer tot eind Oktober.


1st week working-14

Swing like a madman.

As you know the people from the GKV asked me to come back to work in the building again this year as artist in residence, for the whole season, they also said I could do everything I wanted.. Grinning, so I said yes to a full year of work, left other work on the back burner, designed and made 2 new installations and invited 3 international artists for 3 independent collaborations within the exhibit period.

I, however, did not take into consideration that the visitors loved the swings, the artproject The despite act’  which I did last year, that much, did not know that the WDR did a program on Veere where they also showed my (last years) work and that every day dozens of visitors ask if they can swing the swings, which we heard daily last week.

So after some soul searching, beer drinking and debating questions, I decided we are indeed going to hang 3 swings on the right side of the building this week, while work progresses on Zuz’ her sculpture on the left , and they will stay there for a period of time. So, if you are the swinging type.. ? See you there!

More info on The despite act here.

The despite act

Zuz. (Be.)

Zuz, aka Katrijn Schatteman, is the first of the international artists I have invited to come to the Netherlands for a collaboration period in the GKV and she will stay the longest. In preparation for this collaboration Katrijn came to talk and test different materials in my studio some time ago and we will be working on placing and finishing the piece she designed, for the coming fortnight. So if you are in the area, there is plenty of time to come and say hi. We will ofcourse post photo’s here so you can follow the process. If you have anything to ask or say or want to come and make sure we are ‘In the house’ , just leave a comment.

Zuz’ passion lies in glassblowing/hot sculpting , drawing and working with other materials in the sculptures. click here for her website.

The evolution of her drawings into more abstract compositions, has been pivotal in the development of her work. Just as her drawings evolve, she continuously develops her sculptural work. Zuz’ work is an extension of herself and her relationship to her environment. She observes and selects.

Abstract requires a thorough examination whereby peace is created and space is left to think. The reconciliation and the acceptance. Her sculptures have a poetic feel but at the same time can leave you with a ghastly sense. The duality creates tension, which can make it strong and intense.


For My Sailor-48°6'N 122°46'W - Emy Elleboog (7) Ourppe - Ludo Noël (1)


Call for a photo shoot.

The exhibit in the GKV (Grote Kerk Veere) starts with a solo period by Elis Vermeulen. From June on, 3 international artist will be in the Netherlands for independent collaboration periods with Vermeulen in the GKV under the watchful eye of the public.

From June 28, Jane Green from Spain will be in the Netherlands for her working period with Vermeulen and we are now looking for people with large tattoo artwork, for a photo shoot at the GKV.  The photos of this collaboration will become part of the Confluence exhibit.




De expositie in de Grote Kerk Veere start met het (solo) werk van Elis Vermeulen. Vanaf 16 juni komen drie internationale vrouwelijke kunstenaars voor afzonderlijke samenwerkings- periode met Elis Vermeulen in de GKV.

Op 28 Juni komt de fotografe Jane Green uit Spanje naar Nederland voor een werkperiode in de GKV. Voor een FOTO SHOOT zijn we op zoek naar mensen met tattoos, grotere pieces. Deze foto’s zullen onderdeel uit gaan maken van de Confluence expositie.

Als het je leuk lijkt om mee te doen kun je hier het contact formulier invullen.

Info; Jane Green  Elis Vermeulen

photo credits Mechteld Jansen.

photo credits Mechteld Jansen.






Exhibit season GKV 2014

When MPZ asked me if I was willing to work in the GKV as artist in residence for the whole exhibit season 2014, I just finished taking down the impromptu exhibit of last year, an exhibit they ensured me which was a huge succes. (compliments are always nice.. :))

So, October last year I said yes and now after half a year, in only one week, we will start building the first part of the exhibition ‘Confluence’.

In recent years I have focussed on larger installation pieces and for this exhibit I made two new works. One consist of 6 pieces which will individually be placed in the 6 niches on the right side of the church. The other work will take up the left corridor of the building.

I am pleased to invite you for the opening on May 10 from 4 pm to 6 pm. and hope to see you there.

As the GKV offers a perfect platform for artists and a perfect space to think outside the box, we worked on the idea of inviting other artists for collaboration projects and I am very happy to say that the 3 artists I was eager to work with have accepted the offer.

First in line will be Zuz (Be.) Zuz observes and selects. While her passion lies with glassblowing/hot sculpting she also draws and combines a variety of materials in her sculptures. We will be working together on a sculpture from the 16th of June.

From the 29th of June, I will be working with Jane Green (Esp.) Greens’ photography does not fit into any one category, she shoots the in between moments that are usually lost in the rush. Jane asked me to invite groups of people for a photoshoot and I will let you know when that call goes out.

Caroline Schofield (Irl.) is our 3rd visiting artist. Growing up as an outsider influences her practise and interest in people and history. Schofield likes to explore memory and its fragility in her work using drawing, stitch, pinning, sculpture and shadows to create her pieces.

More info about the exhibit and events and photo’s will end up on this site, perhaps you would like to ‘follow’, (follow button underneath the page) so you will get all the info and updates in your mailbox.


photo credits Mechteld Jansen.

photo credits Mechteld Jansen.